Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Feeling Just Peachy

Despite all appearances from what you read here, I don't think I have an exceptionally large sweet tooth.

Yes, I love to bake desserts, but after the first few servings, I'm generally happy to give away the rest (with rare exceptions).

Still, I feel like my day isn't quite complete if I haven't had a little smackerel of something sweet after dinner (like Pooh and his hunny pot). That might be a cup of herbal tea, a dash of homemade liqueur or dandelion wine, a mug of homemade hot chocolate, a cookie, or if I'm really virtuous, a bit of fruit.

For months now, I've been eyeing the jars of peaches I canned late last summer, wondering what I would do with them. And after dinner tonight, despite lying low all day with a migraine, I decided to take down a pint and make a small pie.

I made a tender whole wheat crust (using local flour and non-hydrogenated shortening) and lined a small casserole dish, drained the peaches and dumped them into the pastry, and then sprinkled the peaches with Moroccan mint sugar before covering them with the top crust.

After the standard baking time, I pulled out a dish of miniature peach pie perfection:

Naturally, I couldn't wait long for the pie to cool, so that first slice ended up looking very messy:

Doesn't matter, though, really, when the taste was so satisfying and reminiscent of summer.

Just a little slice of heaven -- and I'm feeling just peachy.


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