Friday, April 28, 2006

You Wanna Pizza Me?

It's Friday evening, and though I've been away from work all day taking some much-needed vacation, I've been working hard here at home.

So by dinner time, I wanted something simple but satisfying. And if it gives me leftovers to take for lunches next week, all the better.

Fortunately, I had given this considerable thought earlier in the day and had decided that I should make my favorite broccoli pizza. I thawed a package of broccoli before heading out on errands, and while at the grocery store, I picked up some locally-produced pizza sauce and local mozzarella cheese.

Around 5 PM, with my chores for the day all done and in the midst of a lengthy succession of end-of-the-week phone calls, I mixed up the pizza dough (with more of that good locally-milled whole wheat flour) and assembled the pizza. While it baked, I checked on my recently-sick adorable "nephews" Beaker and Scooter, and while the pizza cooled, I caught up with the fair Titania.

Finally, social calls over, I was ready to tuck in! With a glass of iced blackberry herbal tea, I had a satisfying and healthy meal, and when I rounded out dinner with the last slice of my local-ingredient-filled blueberry-lavender pudding cake, you can imagine my contentment.

When offered a piece of said cake earlier this week and informed of all the local ingredients, Mr. Nice Guy responded, "Local tastes gooooooood." And after sampling this whole meal loaded with local flavors, I think anyone would agree.

I know I wanna pizza that!


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