Thursday, April 27, 2006

Teas Me

If it's springtime in Ohio, you know what you're in for: gorgeous sunny days filled with vibrantly colored flowers and fragrant blossoming trees under vivid blue skies -- alternating with cold, frosty mornings.

Spring is such a tease.

But even those chilly mornings don't stop me from believing in the promise of a warm and sunny afternoon when, after a leisurely stroll home from work, I can sit back with a glass of refreshingly cold and flavorful iced tea.

Though I haven't started making my Southern-style sweet tea with mint just yet, this week I've been enjoying two delightful organic brews by Choice, one of my favorite brands of tea (not only organic, but fair-trade, too). And no, they don't pay me to rhapsodize about them -- I just like to share.

Last summer I got hooked on their jasmine green tea, which makes a light, flowery iced tea with a dash of lime and a swirl of local honey added.

But just this past weekend I found an herbal blend I wanted to try: Northwest blackberry, "a celebration of field and forest," with organic hibiscus, rosehips, blackberry leaves, lemon grass, licorice root, and spearmint.

Caffeine-free and sweetened with honey, this infusion makes a good fruity but restful drink on days when I've already had too much caffeine.

I've also got an Earl Grey with lavender tucked away for the next round of iced tea, so I look forward to trying that, too.

I've shared a few teabags with friends in the hopes that they'll enjoy these blends as much as I do. As for the rest of you...

Well, I'll just teas you with words and photos.


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