Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Taking the Wrap

You may have taken the scanty evidence and deduced that I really like culinary adventures, both in my own kitchen and at new restaurants and eateries.

You're right. I plead guilty and hungry as charged.

A week or so ago, the Archivist mentioned to me that she had been enjoying some fine lunches at the new deli downtown, just two doors down from the Hungarian pastry shop. Since she, like me, is vegetarian, I was surprised.

"Do they have vegetarian options?" I asked skeptically.

"Oh, sure!" she enthused, proceeding to tell me about their wonderful hummus and tabbouleh and other delights.

Since it's not easy to find a quick vegetarian pick-up lunch in this town aside from My Favorite Coffee House, I decided I'd have to check out this new place for myself.

I had errands to run today anyway, and with the sun shining brightly in clear blue skies, it seemed logical to me to combine my errands with an inspection visit to this new eatery.

So I pulled on my boots and coat and hat and trekked down the hill to the main street, walked into the deli, drooled momentarily at the sight of delectably fresh salads in the case, and announced to the gentlemen at the counter, "I want something vegetarian, and I want something good."

Without missing a beat, they proudly pointed out the multitude of veg-friendly salads and offered to make a wrapped sandwich (on a whole wheat flatbread, no less) combining a few of them: hummus, tabbouleh, artichoke and asiago dip, and roasted red peppers.

It sounded good to me, so I accepted their kind offer and enjoyed a little light conversation with them about other possibilities for a future visit, optimistic that the food would be worth the return trip.

"Well, was it?" you may ask.

When I tell you that I have not eaten so satisfactory a wrap in a long, long while... when I tell you that even after polishing off the whole thing with gusto, I was tempted to lick the remaining dip off the paper wrapper... I think you know the answer.

And when such a sublime sandwich was followed by two fresh little almond kifli from the Hungarian bakery, I think you will also know that I had a lunch to envy.

I thanked the Archivist, of course, for sharing this new find with me, and she got quite a chuckle out of the coincidence that she had apparently visited the deli just after I did and talked with the same gentlemen and was impressed by the wrap combination, thinking it was probably something I would like. (She's getting to know me well!) She also shared a couple of other suggestions for future meals there.

I confess, I'm tempted to go back tomorrow!


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