Wednesday, April 12, 2006

How Do You Filo?

I've had the remains of a box of filo dough in the freezer for four months, waiting for the right time for me to make a batch of Turkish-style baklava, with a touch of rosewater and possibly pistachios. Hasn't happened.

Instead, when faced with a bag of fresh spinach and a container of feta cheese, I knew I would have to thaw the last filo for another reason altogether: spanokopita.

Whenever I dine at the Greek restaurant downtown, I look over the menu, tempted to try something different, but I almost always fall back to my long-time favorite Greek dish.

And since I know the basics of working with filo, I have no problem with making my own spanokopita at home.

I only had enough filo for a small batch, made in a loaf pan with only one layer of spinach filling between thin layers of dough, but it was enough.

Light on olive oil and feta and generously endowed with spinach, garlic, and herbs, this turned out to be a perfect springtime dinner, a lighter and healthier version of what I would get downtown. (Not that I have ANY complaints about that version!)

Making it in a loaf pan means I only got two servings of spanokopita made, but since that's two more than I had before, I really can't complain. After all, it means I'll have good Greek food for lunch later this week!

And maybe I'll have to stock up on filo again soon.


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