Sunday, April 09, 2006

Backyard Brunch

While we've had warmer weather lately, this weekend has been decidedly cooler. And after a long, exhausting (but ultimately very worthwhile) day yesterday, I slept in soundly this morning and woke to the risen sun streaming through my windows.

Obviously it was too late for me to have a breakfast that would then be followed shortly after by lunch, so I succumbed to the inevitable and made a sizable, satisfying brunch that should last me until the evening.

Though I didn't actually take my brunch out to the backyard for a picnic (tempting though it was to bask in the sunshine and birdsong, it's still a little too cool for that this morning), a majority of ingredients from this morning's feast came not only from my personal backyard but also from my regional "backyard."

herb flaxseed rolls made with local whole wheat flour, organic dill from my garden, among other ingredients; topped with homemade jam made from local organic black raspberries and organic chocolate mint from my garden

zucchini-feta pancake made with a local egg, local organic zucchini, organic mint and dill from my garden, feta cheese, salt and pepper, and more local whole wheat flour

vegetarian "sausage" (not local, but yum!)

homemade grape juice from local Concord grapes

a delicate herbal tisane all from my (organic) herb garden: equal parts (approximately 1 tsp each) lavender, lemon balm, and Moroccan mint, and a single rose geranium leaf, all steeped in hot water for 5-7 minutes and sweetened with a small dollop of local honey

I think only two things could have improved such a fine, filling meal: warmer weather to make a "picnic" possible, and a friend with whom I could have shared it.

So instead, I'll share with all of you!


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