Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What Will Feed the World?

Just a quick post to point you to a recent article over on Grist by Tom Philpott called "Food, sustainability, and the environmentalists" -- a good quick argument for what sort of food production is truly sustainable.

Philpott puts it succinctly, as always:

What he was asking me, in essence, was, "can sustainable farming feed the world?" To which the only wise response is, "can unsustainable farming feed the world -- for long?"

His article echoes what David Kline, Amish farmer and writer, said in a lecture here on campus earlier this month: at a time when oil prices are rising and we have reached (or will reach very shortly, depending on your point of view) Peak Oil, worrying about how your food is produced and gets to your table at a reasonable cost should be high on your list of priorities, because the cheap food will not last.

All the more reason to support your local growers!


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