Friday, March 10, 2006

Tofu for Two

Spring break starts today, and before Phoenix heads off on her trip and Mr. Nice Guy heads back to his major research project, I suggested that we head out to dinner somewhere, their choice.

Why am I not surprised that they chose our favorite Chinese restaurant?

Mr. Nice Guy made a beeline for the buffet, enjoying his beloved wonton soup and other goodies, while Phoenix and I salivated over the many tofu dishes. (There's a reason the menus are in plastic sleeves, you know.)

Both of us have a passionate attachment to the tofu seaweed soup, which arrived tonight with extra everything (cabbage, carrots, nori, tofu) and big florets of broccoli:

I firmly believe that this soup outranks chicken noodle soup for its healing properties, and looking at that colorful bowl, can you blame me?

For entrees, Phoenix enjoyed her favorite, curry tofu:

while I decided to branch out and savor a full plate of Szechuan tofu:

I ended up taking half of mine home, opting instead for a dish of chocolate ice cream (shared with Mr. Nice Guy) to ease the burn. (Whew!)

After all, we deserved a break today.


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