Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Toast to Sharing

Earlier this week at a work function (or "dysfunction," as some of us like to call it), the Archivist and I had a cozy little chat about our weekend baking.

Obviously I love to ramble on about my own baking adventures, else why write this blog? But I also love to hear what other passionate bakers are making in their kitchens, in the hope of getting new ideas.

And when that other baker is the only other vegetarian on staff, an avid gardener, and one of the coolest people in the building, I listen.

The Archivist mentioned that she had baked bread and, in the mixing, had too much dough for her original purposes. So she pulled out some apples, chopped them and mixed them with cinnamon, and made a couple loaves of apple swirl bread on top of everything else.

The look on my face must have been one of sheer rapture (I love bread with yummy things swirled in, though I don't often make it myself) because she immediately offered to bring me some to sample.

Sure enough, the next morning, before she had even taken the time to divest herself of hat, coat, and coffee thermos, the Archivist stopped by my office and handed me a chunk of bread wrapped in foil. (Happily, I had the last of the chai spice shortbread on hand and could offer her a couple cookies in return.)

I sampled one slice later that morning -- sweet apple spice bliss! -- but as she recommended toasting the bread for the best flavor, I saved the rest for today's breakfast.

She's right. That was some seriously tasty toast!

So many thanks to the Archivist for sharing some of her home-baked goods -- and for giving me a few new ideas.

And I wouldn't be surprised if we share again sometime soon!


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