Saturday, March 11, 2006

Cheese, That's Good Bread!

It's been a while since I last made the Georgian cheese bread I love so much, but as I was searching for the perfect loaf to complement the Spanish potato garlic soup I intended to make this weekend, this recipe jumped out and seemed absolutely perfect.

I know, it seems like an odd match when you consider that Spain and the Republic of Georgia are at opposite ends of the continent. But when you consider that both cultures share a love of flavorful food served at joyful feasts, a passion for wine-making that is not widely known or appreciated outside their own countries, beautiful soulful music, and a healthy relaxed and celebratory attitude toward life -- well, why shouldn't they share a menu, too?

So after I started the soup this morning by roasting the potatoes, onions, and garlic, I mixed up the dough for one loaf of bread, using whole wheat pastry flour for a nice change of pace. Add in that delectably salty cheese filling, twist the dough into a knot, bake, and there you have it:

Granted, my knots never seal the dough entirely, so some of the cheese oozed out and stuck to the pan, causing me to implement a little damage control by slicing off a piece for myself. (Quality control, you know.)

Still, how this bread turns a simple filling into layers of tempting cheesy goodness is a wonder to behold:

Imagine that bread, warm and tender, paired with a savory tomato and potato soup with a rich garlic broth, as well as with fresh organic greens tossed in a tangy vinaigrette, and perhaps a glass of a bold red wine. Imagine sharing this meal with someone you love, with soulful guitar music in the background.

Imagine how much happier we'd all be if we just shared good bread.


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