Friday, March 31, 2006

Catch Up

No, I'm not planning to devote a whole entry to condiments, much as I relish the thought.

A number of interesting sites have come across my path, and I've been meaning to share them with you, but like many things, they've fallen by the wayside until I had some free time and a reminder to pay attention. So here's this week's notable "food for thought" web sites:

SustainLane is a new-to-me site on "healthy and sustainable living"... right up my street! They have an entire section devoted to food, including good reasons to shop local and organic, best sweeteners, best fruits and vegs to get organic, and more. I have yet to dig into all the articles (each article is short but contains good information and further links) but it looks like it's worth my time... and yours!

If you're wondering (still?) where to find some of that wonderful local and organic food, the Eat Well Guide helps you find restaurants, stores, farmers, and organizations within a 20-, 50-, up to 200-mi radius of your ZIP code.

Heritage Foods USA, organized as "the marketing arm of Slow Food USA," celebrates regional foods and specialties and promotes a "traceable food supply."

A recent interview on Grist featured Tirso Moreno, farmworker organizer. Turns out this week is/was national Farmworker Awareness Week, and Moreno has some pretty pointed things to say about the state of our nation's agriculture. I'd have to agree: if you think food is important, why not support the people who produce it for you?

That should give you enough reading and browsing to last you through the weekend! With any luck, next week I'll be back with more exciting adventures from the kitchen (I have lots of ideas but haven't taken the time to test them) as well as April's challenge for eating locally.

That is, if I've mustard up the courage!


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