Thursday, February 09, 2006

Breaking Out of the Mold

Perhaps it has escaped your notice that I am a devoted fan of Monty Python. (Just because I don't cook with SPAM doesn't mean I don't enjoy a few good laughs.) And I'm pleased to add that the lovely Phoenix, my excellent sous chef and partner in (culinary) crime, is equally delighted by the madcap absurdity of our favorite comedy team.

We've been known to toss quotes and allusions back and forth in the office on many an otherwise dull morning, and certain lines have entered our personal verbal shorthand.

But among Phoenix's favorite sketches we must rank the Whizzo Quality Assortment, otherwise known as "Crunchy Frog." And a couple of years back, I obtained a candy mold with small frog-shaped crevices specifically to make our own crunchy frogs.

This evening Phoenix and Mr. Nice Gut came by to help me finish the vegetable paprikash soup for dinner. Afterward, I pulled out the double boiler and melted a bag of dark chocolate chips before adding the leftover crushed spiced nuts from the Dark Chocolate Seduction Torte.

Once the mixture was ready, we spooned the chocolate into the candy molds...

(and by "we" I mean I put the two of them to work!)

...set the molds in the refrigerator to harden, and then cleaned up.

About half an hour later, we popped the chocolates out of the molds and had a large collection of glossy dark chocolate crunchy frogs.

Certainly our version had to be much more appealing than the "crunchy raw unboned real dead frog" found in the Whizzo Quality Assortment, but then, we're just that good.

Or rather... heap good.


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