Saturday, February 25, 2006

Back to the Herb

While out and about in my wanderings today, I stopped at one of my favorite markets for a spot of grocery shopping.

That's always a dangerous decision, because Mustard Seed always has such tasty looking foods and such a variety that I can't find at my still-beloved local natural foods store. But I'm getting better at resisting temptation.

Of course, when Temptation greets me at the door of the market in the form of small pots of fresh herbs from a local herb farm, I succumb rather easily. After all, I haven't yet gotten any new herbs or vegetables started in my kitchen, and I really am starting to crave fresh green yummy things.

Soooo.... into my basket jumped a little pot of cilantro and a companion pot of thyme, both begging to go home with me and sit on a sunny windowsill:

I also found the display of organic seeds and picked up packets for carrots, cantaloupe, and Tuscan kale for planting in a little garden with my adorable Nephews. (Hmmm. I mean to say that my Nephews will help me plant the garden... I do not mean to say that I will stick my Nephews in the dirt along with the seeds, much though they may enjoy that.)

I'm ready for beautiful growing things surrounding me, with their lush greenness bringing freshness to my world. I'm ready for Spring.

And I'm ready for fresh new herbs to brighten my day.


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