Saturday, January 28, 2006

To My Astonish-mint...

It's winter.

At least I think it's winter, judging by the calendar.

But compared to the chilly winds and constant snow of most of December, January has been positively mild with temperatures consistently in the 30s and 40s (sometimes higher!) and rain in lieu of snow (including the occasional thunderstorm?!).

In short, it feels more like March outside, and the world around me would seem to agree.

I've spotted robins and rabbits throughout the month, and my spring bulbs are up an inch on average. And when I cleaned up the herb garden this morning, I found even more surprises:

--My rambling rose canes, left unpruned in the fall, were already budding leaves.

--The sweet woodruff, tucked under fallen leaves, has greened up to such an extent that I could make May wine for Valentine's Day.

--And yes, my faithful spearmint is already making a comeback:

I don't expect this warm weather to last, and it's certainly not quite warm enough to warrant making a pitcher of mint iced tea, but getting a whiff of that fresh mint along with the sweet scent of sunshine on garden dirt made me feel that spring truly isn't that far away.

I'm sure the snow will return soon, and this mint might wither away, but for today, it was springtime in my garden.


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