Sunday, January 22, 2006

Seduction by Chocolate

Dear Readers, I've been holding out on you.

In my baking frenzy earlier this week, I not only made the double batch of sunshine cookies, but I also revisited one of my favorite chocolate desserts: the creation of nearly a year ago, my Dark Chocolate Seduction Torte (formerly known as the wicked brownies).

With seven layers of rich, dark chocolate, daring spices, and nuts... and with textures varying from crunchy to fudgy to irresistibly molten and messy... this torte has, in the three previous times I've made it, turned otherwise intelligent friends into incoherently babbling and moaning puddles of chocolate-loving bliss.

So... what better dessert to make for a special guest who declared chocolate to be an essential food group and "the darker, the better"?

None, really.

This is an ideal dessert to make for Valentine's Day, when you want to treat that special someone with a little extra care and attention... or when you want to indulge in a rich but messy dessert that is an awful lot of fun to share.

But me... well, I don't think that such a special treat should be reserved for one day of the year, so I pulled it out early. And though I shared squares with a number of deserving friends, I saved enough for my guest to have a second helping (which was immediately and gratifyingly accepted) as well as to take some for the road.

I'm sorry to disappoint my Dear Readers by refusing to post this recipe here on the blog. For one thing, it's very long and involved, and for another, it's a very dangerous recipe to have in your repertoire and should be used with care and discretion. There's no telling what effect such a seductively decadent dessert might have on your guests.

I'm certainly not telling.


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