Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sweets to the Sweet

I returned home for lunch yesterday to discover a stack of boxes on my front step.

Well, two boxes, stacked up, both from my Fabulous Aunt.

So after a quick lunch, I opened the boxes and pulled out several small Christmas gifts as well as about 3-4 dozen buckeyes, 3-4 dozen caramels, a quart of party mix, and two plastic tubs full of I don't know how many kinds of cookies.


Of course, the Quality Control Checks had to be begun in earnest, so I sampled a buckeye, a thumbprint cookie, and a truffle square to round out my lunch. I'm happy to report that thus far, my Fabulous Aunt's confections live up to their usual high standards of quality and lusciousness.

I have plenty to share and will be packing up some goodies to save for those people who are away for the holidays, because I certainly can't eat all that! (Though, given enough time, I probably could... especially those yummy buckeyes...)

You see where I get it from, this love of baking?

That's probably the sweetest gift of all.


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