Monday, December 05, 2005

Sun and C

I came home from work today, ready to tackle the last batch of cookies for this round of holiday baking: sunshine cookies.

I warmed up the oven with a quick batch of cinnamon-orange pecans while I mixed the cookie dough, and as I started to roll out the dough, the phone rang.

The Gentleman has been sick this past week with a sore throat and an ear infection, but he's doing better now, thank you, and was ready to chat again. So as I cut out the cookies and sprinkled them with the orange-infused sugar, we caught up from the events of the past week, including the usual friendly insults and jokes.

I did allow that as he was being nice and was still somewhat pathetic from his illness, I might be persuaded to send him some of the cookies. After all, with that fresh orange peel, there's bound to be plenty of vitamin C in each cookie, right? (I know, it's a stretch.) So I could send him a few samples, strictly for medicinal purposes, and that seemed to please him.

(I didn't mention that I'd be sending samples of all the other cookies recently baked... I try not to let him feel too privileged or deserving.)

Half an hour later, I hung up the phone and took the last batch of cookies out of the oven, finally ready to switch over to making dinner. I do enjoy company when I bake, though nowadays that company is usually found in phone conversations with the fair Titania, my Granola Girl, or the Gentleman. It seems appropriate, since I'll be
sharing the baked goods anyway, to share the time spent making them, too.

Later in the evening I packed up cookies and tucked them into boxes of presents, saving just enough room for the last treat to be baked. I sometimes think I enjoy this part of baking the best: the giveaway, since I can imagine the delighted smiles on my friends' faces when they open their packages.

There's a little sunshine in every box.


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