Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Simple Gifts

It's good to be the Baklava Queen. Really.

Not only do I have some wonderful, enthusiastic friends who clamor for the chance to dine at my table or who beg for boxes of home-baked goodies... and who then pile high the lavish compliments!... but those same wonderful, enthusiastic, food-loving friends also treat me right.

How? By giving me wonderful food-related gifts, of course!

So far this Christmas I've received another 1/4 bushel of fresh Florida navel oranges from my Wonderful Parents... as well as a surprise box from Adagio Teas, courtesy of The Gentleman.

Now, let the record show that the Gentleman received not one, but two boxes for Christmas this year. It's not that he was especially good (he never is), it's just that the baklava didn't fit into the original box with his presents and the other goodies. And since the Gentleman is one of the biggest fans of my baklava, I couldn't not send him any, so I packed up a second, smaller box with a generous package of his favorite pastry.

In return, I received a lovely sampler collection of tiny tea tins containing three different green teas and a fragrant chamomile, along with a sturdy little tea press that should be just perfect for brewing some loose tea here in the office. Very handy!

And to top that off, after yesterday's delivery of fresh baked goods to my lovely colleague, She-Who-Brings-Fresh-Donuts, this morning she brought me... no surprises here... fresh donuts to share with my boss. Oh, darn!

I think I could be quite content with all food-related gifts this year!


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