Sunday, December 04, 2005

Cookie Hooky

Regular chores are falling by the wayside this weekend as I try to push ahead on my holiday cookie-baking.

On Friday evening, I whipped up a batch of chai spice shortbread, all buttery and crisp and packed with cardamom and ginger flavor. They smelled wonderfully fragrant as they came out of the oven, but I resisted sampling them since I ended up with a small batch that has to be divided between five boxes for faraway friends and at least three local people, if not more.

This morning, I baked a batch of cranberry-orange biscotti right after breakfast, filling the house with good scents to start the day off right. I ground some of the dried peels from the oranges my Wonderful Parents brought me recently, and I filled another jar with the rest of the ground peel for future baking.

I had hoped to make another batch of sunshine cookies this weekend as well, but with other events on the calendar (a memorial service for a beloved member of the campus community, a superb brass concert, and an opera matinee), I think they'll have to wait until tomorrow evening.

I may make more cookies later in the month, but I suspect that these, along with the ginger-pecan biscotti and ginger-molasses cookies will suffice for now. (Well, those and the first batch of baklava, still to come.) And because I'll probably make more later, I doubt I'll save any for myself. (No, that's not willpower -- that's overload!)

For those of you who might be expecting boxes from me, I hope to send them out mid-week so that they arrive by the weekend, but I'll let you know for sure when I get them in the mail.

Just don't eat them all at once, okay?


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