Thursday, December 01, 2005

Beam Me Up, Biscotti

I finally had a free evening last night in which I felt rested enough to tackle holiday baking again, so I pulled out the recipe for my longtime favorite, ginger-pecan biscotti.

Of all the biscotti I've made... and I've tried quite a number of recipes... this remains my favorite of the bunch, probably because even though it goes through the double baking that all biscotti experience, it still remains not too hard and tooth-crushing.

And all that ginger flavor! Well, how can I resist?

Otherwise, I find I'm growing less and less fond of biscotti, strangely enough, even though some of my friends still look forward to the holidays when they know they will get a tin of two or three kinds of biscotti from me. (One friend, the Absent-Minded Professor, gets a tin all his own that he doesn't have to share with his wife. He'll eat them straight, half a dozen at a time, with no dunking, while she just shakes her head and eats "his" piece of baklava. It works.)

Since I didn't get a head start on biscotti over the Thanksgiving weekend, I decided it was time last night, so I pulled out all the ingredients and mixed up with whole wheat dough laced with oatmeal, maple sugar, and two kinds of ginger (ground and crystallized), along with almost 2 cups of chopped, freshly shelled pecans from my Wonderful Parents. Add some butter, eggs, and vanilla, and you end up with a slightly crumbly dough that yields a couple of medium-sized logs for the first round of baking and a couple dozen small biscotti after the second baking.

I resisted sampling one of the cookies last night, though I saved up all the crumbs from the cutting and noshed on them for breakfast this morning with some cold cider and hot tea. It seems a smaller batch than usual, so I will have to ration the biscotti carefully when I pack up presents and cookie boxes this weekend or early next week.

Or, I'll have to make some more.


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