Thursday, November 17, 2005

Orange You Jealous (Again)?

My Wonderful Parents have rolled back into town for a pre-holiday visit and to pick up the last of their goods and chattels stored at my house. Now that they have a permanent home in Florida, they have room for the last of their stuff.

And since they had plenty of space in the minivan on the way up, they brought me my Christmas present a little early: fresh oranges.

Now, I'm not keen on Florida, but I do like fresh oranges and the bright burst of sunshine they bring. And when my Wonderful Parents bring me a quarter-bushel of navel oranges and a quarter-bushel of Amberson juice oranges, well, that really makes me happy.

No, the oranges aren't locally grown in my neighborhood, but they're local for my folks, and I have to think that their transportation of local produce on a trip they needed to make anyway is at least marginally better than if I had bought the oranges at the local grocery. But I'm aware I'm still pretty spoiled. (Ah, the advantages of being an Only Child!)

So I'll have freshly squeeze orange juice in the morning and will dry the peels for use in baking later. Over Thanksgiving, I will probably make a batch of candied orange peel and possibly orangettes. And if my supply lasts that long, I'll make Pie in the Sky over Christmas when my Granola Girl comes to visit.

In the meantime, I'll be glad to tote boxes for my folks and cook dinner for them and spend some time with family while I can.

Let the holidays begin!


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