Friday, November 18, 2005

Flat Out

It's been an exhausting week with a frustrating project at work, so I patted myself on the back for having the foresight to take a vacation today in order to spend a little more time with my Wonderful Parents.

Of course, then they decided to spend the day with friends a few miles up the road, so that gave me even more time to relax.

After a power loll in bed this morning, I eventually made my way downstairs to squeeze some fresh orange juice and to start making flatbread. No, that wasn't for breakfast -- it's for dinner tomorrow.

Being a Good Daughter, I had offered to cook dinner one night for my Wonderful Parents while they're here, and it made sense to me to arrange that for after our little moving party to load their things into the minivan. That way, our helpful movers, the ever-generous Phoenix and Mr. Nice Guy, can share in the feast. (Ah, college students -- so easy to bribe with free home cooking!)

I'm planning to make a pot of white bean cassoulet tomorrow, along with my famous gratin dauphinois (potato bliss; more on that tomorrow), so these flatbreads topped with chopped spinach and carmelized red onion tossed with raisins and balsamic vinegar, then sprinkled with toasted pine nuts, sounded like the perfect accompaniment.

And oh! are they ever! I sampled one (quality control check, you know) and the crunchy crust laced with local stone ground cornmeal provides the ideal base for a savory-sweet topping that leaves you begging for more.

Don't worry -- I put the rest away for tomorrow.

And for the rest of today, I'm just going to relax.


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