Saturday, October 22, 2005

Delivering the Goods

As I've mentioned before, the farmers' market is done for the year. But one organic farmer, the Cheerful Lady, had mentioned to me that she would still have produce for a while longer.

Without a car, I was unable to get out to the shopping center where she set up her tent this morning, but happily I had arranged with her earlier in the week to stop by my house once she had finished. (And since she was on the way to the local Bistro with a bucket of beans, my house was not significantly out of the way.)

I walked out in the autumn mizzle to inspect her buckets and bags in the back of her mini-van, and for a fairly small sum, I ended up with a bag of mixed greens, a big red onion, a couple more bulbs of garlic, three perfectly sized butternut squash, half a dozen sweet potatoes, and half a peck of Yellow Delicious apples.

She helped me carry the load into the house and indicated that I should call or email her this coming week to see what else she will still have, because she'd be happy to stop by again.

Once again I'm struck by the benefits of supporting the local farmers' market. Not only is it a great place to find fresh and inexpensive locally grown (and often organic) produce during the growing season. Not only does it give you a chance to support your local farmers and local economy. But it also helps you build good relationships with those farmers, who then may surprise and delight you with their kindness and generosity.

It's more than food... it's nourishment for the soul.


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