Saturday, October 01, 2005

Apple of My Pie

I've been dawdling.

I spent most of this week avoiding any new cooking. Say there was too much to do, say I was too tired, say I was just plain lazy.

The fact is, I've been meaning to make a pie with the Early Mac apples I found at the farmers' market, and all week long I put it off.

But no more.

Happily, a Saturday morning market visit puts me in the mood to cook with all the good things I find, and after simmering grapes for juice and making broccoli pizza for lunch, I decided to tackle the pie this afternoon.

I'm sorry to say that my pie crust, though light and flaky and good-tasting, gave me fits by sticking to the counter and not holding together as well as it ought. (A bit dry, I expect.) So I would have to describe the finished crust as decidedly homely.

The apples, of course, were unimpeachable in their crisp tartness, and tossed with maple sugar, Sucanat, flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom, they made a sublime filling.

It smells heavenly. But since I invited Phoenix and Mr. Nice Guy over to enjoy the pie tomorrow afternoon, I chose not to cut into it right away and settled for sauteed apples with similar spices and a maple-yogurt topping for dessert tonight instead.

Tomorrow, though -- look out, Pie, here I come!


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