Saturday, September 17, 2005

Packing It In

I just can't help myself.

When Saturday morning and the farmers' market roll around, I simply cannot stop myself from loading my backpack to its limits with all that good, fresh produce and the wholesome baked goods. Even if I stop at the grocery store on the way, even if I have a list, it doesn't matter. By the time I'm headed back up the hill, my pack is bursting at the seams with plenty of fruits and vegetables for the week and beyond.

This week was no exception. In fact, my bag was so full this morning that I would probably be utterly astonished if someone weighed it and told me how much I had carried. (It was almost more than I could handle.) Add the contents of the small net bag I had also filled, and you can imagine that I got quite a workout from my shopping trip.

So what was in the bags? Aside from my store-bought groceries (including half a gallon of soy milk, a small bunch of celery, and aluminum foil), I visited several farmers and picked up:

--fresh cilantro and one slender eggplant from the gentleman farmer's son (a very polite boy of 9 or 10)

--a bag of Early Mac apples from the orchardist

--a large butternut squash from the older ladies

--organic spinach from the cheerful lady (who, alas, is out of squash and baby pie pumpkins)

--carrots from the wool lady, plus her daughter's prize-winning Asian pears from the county fair (she very proudly showed me the ribbons!)

--two small pie pumpkins from the Amish farm stand

--a loaf of focaccia from the bakery stand

You'll note how many hefty items there were in my pack, and you'll understand why I opted not to purchase more of the Kennebec potatoes (which are very tasty!) I had found last week.

It looks like I'll be busy cooking all weekend.

After I get a break!


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