Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Letting Things Simmer

It's a quiet week in the kitchen, due to a calendar filled with appointments and campus lectures, as well as to an aching back. I've got plenty of fresh produce I want to cook with, but I just haven't yet had the time or energy to do so, and may not until tomorrow or Friday.

(I also have a fitness evaluation this afternoon, and in the time-honored human tradition, I'm trying to be "good" and not eat too many "bad" things before I step on the scales. No, I don't have anything to worry about... but I do it anyway, just to make sure I go in there in the best possible condition. Then I'll probably go home and have a hearty dinner... or at least some steamed green beans with a dish of spicy peanut sauce, ooooooh.)

But the roasted veg stew reheats well and is fun to eat with my fingers and pieces of that yummy whole wheat pita bread... the broccoli and zucchini and roasted red peppers I've had in the fridge have made excellent quick and tasty pasta dishes... the Mollie apples are a good addition to my lunches... and a pan of apple-date bars has keep my sweet tooth satisfied in a low-key way.

And my reading pile has a couple of ethnic-food-related novels and a nonfiction book on local foods clamoring for their turn to be read... while Simply in Season patiently waits for me to try a few recipes as well as to write up a review for my Dear Readers (because it's a good one!).

I promise, I will be returning soon with more tales of culinary adventures and new recipes.

As the old saying goes, a watched pot never boils.

(But when the cooking's done... then you get to savor it!)


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