Sunday, September 04, 2005


Though my birthday is now well-past, the Chef Mother came through with an extended celebration of my day by baking my favorite birthday treat: her legendary carrot cake.

I will now pause briefly in rapturous contemplation of this fabulous dessert.


Those who have sampled the Chef Mother's carrot cake know that I do not exaggerate when I tell you I have sampled a great deal of carrot cake across this country, and none of it -- absolutely no other carrot cake -- stands up to hers.

She uses a full pound of carrots, plenty of spices, good Mexican vanilla, and lots of walnuts. But the crowning touch is a vanilla-laced cream cheese frosting piled half an inch thick on top, all around, and in between the layers of this moist, rich cake.

And so you can imagine my delight at being able to tuck that heavenly concoction into the refrigerator last night. You may also be astonished at the restraint I exercised in not sampling that cake for over 24 hours.

I invited my Opera-Loving Friends and their daughter over for dessert tonight so that I could have some help in eating the cake. (Let's face it -- I'm getting older and/or wiser, and I truly cannot eat a whole cake by myself, even over days. And my friends are much the happier for that fact.)

As my one friend noted, "Tell your mother she has come through again for another fine cake."

It's true. It's an absolutely unbeatable cake. It's a cake that tastes best when shared.

It's a cake worth getting older for.


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