Friday, August 12, 2005

Tofu Heaven

I've been craving Chinese food for a couple of weeks, so last night I succumbed and visited my favorite local place on its vegetarian buffet night.


What they do with tofu at this place is nothing short of spectacular. Be it pressed and cut into cubes or triangles, flattened out into strips, or tossed fresh into tofu sea vegetable soup with big chunks of nori, it always turns out perfectly.

Of course, I also had to indulge in my favorite veggie potstickers and dipping sauce, but I did save some room for Szechuan tofu and vegetables, a couple pieces of curry tofu, kung bow tofu, and Malaysian noodles. It's funny, though... I just can't tuck away as much of that good food as I used to be able to do! (I think that's a good thing, though my taste buds might protest.)

It was also a nice treat to go out to dinner by myself. Nothing at all against sharing a meal with the lovely Phoenix and Mr. Nice Guy, of course, but sometimes it's good just to enjoy good food all to yourself.

And that will tide me over until the next craving comes along.


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