Tuesday, August 16, 2005

That's One Cute Tomato!

Look out, boys! There's a bunch of cute tomatoes hangin' around my place, and they're definitely worth a look...

That's right, my heirloom tomato plants are producing lots and lots of fruit, and they are just now starting to ripen. They're real beauties, all right (these aren't my photos, but they'll give you the idea):

Black Cherry ripens to a dusky rose with a glimmering of silvery purple. It's astonishingly gorgeous, but the best part comes when you bite into a ripe one and have that succulent sweetness fill your mouth. Hubba hubba!

Costoluto Genovese, a large, hefty paste tomato, has a beautiful curving shape (soft ridges between sections) and ripens from yellow to orange to a luscious red. The first one is sitting on my kitchen counter, waiting to become part of tonight's dinner!

Goose Creek, the lingerer of the group, is now beginning to blush as red as the Costoluto Genovese. Another paste tomato (good for canning), this one has a smooth surface and a solid heft that bodes well for making some excellent homemade spaghetti sauce.

In short, tomato season has officially opened, and I'm ready. I've got quart jars lined up and ready to roll for canning whole tomatoes and sauce, and I'm itching to cook with these beauties...

Starting tonight (ooh la la!).


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