Saturday, August 06, 2005

Pop Goes the Kernel

Another pleasant summer day, another fine trip to the market!

Among today's market finds:

--organic kohlrabi (again!), broccoli, and okra from the fellow with the ponytail

--organic basil (for pesto) and zucchini from the other organic farm stand

--red potatoes from a nice pair of older ladies

--locally produced maple syrup

--locally grown yellow popcorn and red popcorn from the folks who bring in the truckload of fabulous bicolor sweet corn every week

I've especially been looking forward to the appearance of the popcorn, even though I hadn't tried it last year, because in my efforts to eat more locally-grown and -produced foods, I remembered this earlier in the season and have been looking for it so that I can stock up for winter.

After a light dinner of steamed kale (still working through last week's market finds!) tonight, I pulled out the red popcorn to give it a try. When I asked the farmer what the difference was between the two kinds, she explained that the red popcorn had a smaller kernel, tasted somewhat nutty, and popped up "snowy white." Sold!

So I made just a small batch, probably about a cup of popcorn once it was popped. And oh my, it was so beautiful with the white fluff and the dark garnet red kernel on the inside. The taste was wonderful, too, and it made the perfect snack.

Next week, I believe I'll be buying more popcorn, because I tend to eat a lot of it during the winter as a comforting snack or a light meal on weekends.

And I'll try not to eat it all up before then!


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