Saturday, August 20, 2005

Market Delights

I was a little late in getting to the market today (arrived around 9:30 instead of my usual 8 AM), and as I moved toward the first stand of organic produce, the fellow with the ponytail greeted me with a smile and immediately said, "I've got one bag of broccoli left, and I've been saving it for you!"

How wonderful it feels to have the farmers recognize me and remember what foods I love the most!

Though I had intended to wander around the whole market first, I knew I needed to start my purchases right away to claim that last bag of broccoli florets as well as a couple of small glossy eggplants and yet another quart of okra.

After that, I did manage to make it all the way around the rest of the market before deciding what else I wanted:

--small sweet red peppers and two baby pumpkins from the cheerful lady who runs the other organic produce stand

--green beans from the Asian lady who always has such interesting vegetables (and this week she also had free kittens!)

--locally ground corn meal and a buckwheat pancake mix for my Wonderful Parents

No, I didn't get quite as much this week as I wasn't sure how much I'd be up for cooking once my houseguests left... and I still need to can peaches and possibly tomatoes.

But that's enough to make me happy to live and eat here!


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