Friday, August 12, 2005

Getting Into Truffle

I escaped the confines of the office today for a meeting in our state capital city, and after the meeting, I ran off with an Appreciative Colleague to meet another friend, the Art Lady, at a local landmark, the North Market.

Ever since I was introduced to this place by my Fabulous Aunt nearly a decade ago, I've been hooked, even though I usually only get there about once a year. It has a wide variety of vendors selling produce, breads, cheeses, meats, fish, flowers, bulk coffee and tea and spices, chocolates, and a tempting selection of ethnic foods, both packaged and ready made. (I usually stop by the Indian place and get my meal there... a vegetarian platter, often with chana masala and palak paneer.)

So many things called my name today, but since I had not had the foresight to take a cooler with me, it seemed pretty pointless to stock up on good cheeses and such.

I did, however, try something new. Usually I pass by the chocolate display, terribly tempted but not having enough money or stomach space left to indulge. Today, though, I did.

I spoke with the nice young man at the counter and decided on four deliciously dark and rich truffles. And since it was an awfully hot day, and I knew there was no way the chocolates would make it home unmelted, I sampled them right away:

lavender: a dark chocolate shell containing a creamy white filling infused lightly with lavender; very lush and delicate

cinnamon: freshly made and combining milk and dark chocolates; alas, this disappointed me as the cinnamon flavor was closer to that of red-hot candies instead of ground cinnamon

espresso: dark chocolate shell with a rich, smooth, creamy mocha filling; bliss!

Theobroma: translating as "food of the gods," this truffle was inspired by the movie "Chocolat" and combined dark chocolate with nutmeg, cloves, and cayenne pepper; the pepper, not noticeable at first, gradually filled my mouth until my lips began to tingle and the sweat beaded on my forehead... but it worked well with the other spices and the dark, dark chocolate!

Ah yes... wonderful chocolate. It was, perhaps, more of an indulgence than I needed on a hot day, but so worth it for the sake of trying something new!

(And at least I was able to fill my own birthday request!)


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