Thursday, August 18, 2005

Birthday Baking

My Fabulous Aunt celebrated her birthday yesterday, and as she and my uncle will be here for a visit this weekend, of course I must bake!

And I must bake something grand, because My Fabulous Aunt is the other baker in the family... and she's very fond of sweet things (like homemade caramels and buckeyes), especially chocolate. So for her birthday, I decided it was time to go all out and make my Dark Chocolate Seduction Torte (formerly known as "wicked" or "extreme" brownies) once again.

(I also need to write down the recipe so I'm not fumbling each time, trying to remember how much cinnamon and chili powder I used!)

I spent last evening working madly on the torte, assembling all seven layers as quickly as I could, and I ended up being disappointed that I had forgotten the one basic fact about this torte: it has to be refrigerated overnight before you can cut into it because the sauce needs time to set.

(Do you know how hard it is to smell all that fantastic dark chocolate and to know that you can't have any until the morrow???)

Happily, I was able to sample a bit for breakfast this morning and found that aside from one minor problem, I had worked out the recipe pretty well. And though I ended up packing up two-thirds of the torte squares to ship to friends (and Sojourner, Mitch Heat, Spicyflower, my Granola Girl, and The Gentleman have all been informed that such chocolate bliss is headed their way) or to give to grateful folks here at work (such as Phoenix and Mr. Nice Guy), I still have plenty left over to share with family this weekend.

Tomorrow, since I have a long-desired vacation day, I may even bake a pan of the scrumptious peach butter streusel bars that made my Fabulous Aunt speechless when I described them over the phone the other night. (And this is my chatty auntie!)

Because you know what? When it's your birthday, you deserve to be treated like a queen and fed excellent desserts.

I should know... my turn's coming.


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