Sunday, July 31, 2005

To Market, to Market

Ah yes, another weekend, another trip to the farmers' market... and what was in my basket, er, backpack this week?

--fresh bicolor sweet corn, a baker's dozen! I shared four ears with my Wonderful Parents, boiled the rest, enjoyed two straight off the cob (I couldn't help myself!), and froze the rest.

--curly kale, broccoli (for my favorite pasta dish and for pizza), tiny Japanese eggplant (about 6" long), and purple kohlrabi from one organic farm stand

--a selection of grape and paste tomatoes, Italian garlic, more pickling cucumbers to add to the pickle-making fun from the other organic farm stand

And I still had a small amount of produce from last weekend to use up, so today I made:

--a splendid warm potato salad from organic fingerling potatoes, fresh rosemary from the pot on my windowsill, salt and pepper, organic extra-virgin olive oil, and crumbled blue cheese

--more Uzbek carrot salad with leftover cucumber added and sprinkled with crushed peanuts

It's so much easier to eat healthy when the food is this good!


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