Monday, July 18, 2005

Please Don't Teas

Here's more food for thought from today's news snippets:

1. The BBC reports on ongoing tea strikes in West Bengal over low wages and poor conditions for workers, many of whom don't have enough food or clean water. Having recently read a book about tea gardens, I am not surprised by this latest news, though I am saddened that it is still such a widespread problem. I've recently started drinking a selection of organic, fair-trade teas which makes me feel slightly better, but there's still the question of how to act in order to help those workers who still face such problems. (Because running those companies out of business clearly isn't the answer, either.)

2. And just to encourage myself to drink more herbal tea from my own homegrown herbs, there's this wonderful series from The Tyee (a Canadian alternative news site): part 1, Living on the Hundred-Mile Diet, and part 2, Wanted: A Perfectly Local Chicken. Do you think you can live on food produced within a hundred-mile radius of your home? It's certainly a more sustainable way of living, but there are so many little things that we take for granted that we'd have to give up if we followed this "diet" strictly. Still, it's an excellent eye-opener and something to try for, even if I don't completely succeed.

Guess I'll be thinking of ways to expand my garden next year!


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