Friday, July 01, 2005

Pizza Mind

It was a dark and stormy night...

All right, all right. It was a gray and rainy afternoon. The temperature had dropped slightly, and suddenly, turning the oven on to make homemade pizza sounded like a really good idea. Besides, then I would have leftovers for lunch the following day.

I love it when I have dinner plans figured out before I get home... it makes it so much easier to spend the rest of the day in a stress-free fashion.

So when I arrived home, I steamed the remaining broccoli from last week's trip to the farmers' market and mixed up a batch of whole wheat pizza dough. After I had spread out the dough on the pan and added the sauce, I scattered several (read: LOTS) fresh basil leaves over the pizza before adding the broccoli and the cheese.

Half an hour later, a fragrantly steaming pizza emerged from the oven. Half an hour after that, I cut the pizza and dished up a couple of slices for my dinner.

(That's not a comment on my self-control, by the way... that's a display of hard-earned wisdom after a dozen too many times of burning the roof of my mouth.)

The basil was a brilliant addition to my usual combination as it added a wonderful taste of summer. Now I'm thinking, what about a pesto pizza? Hmmmm...

There's nothing quite so comforting as fresh, hot, tasty pizza on a gray day... and in my lunches. And I love how one hour's effort results in meals for a couple of days.

But I guess I'll have to stock up on vegetables at the market again tomorrow.


At 7/02/2005 5:18 PM, Anonymous Tina said...

Pest pizza? Brilliant!

At 7/02/2005 5:20 PM, Anonymous Tina said... should be "pesto pizza". "Pest" pizza...NOT so brilliant!;-)

At 7/05/2005 7:24 AM, Blogger The Baklava Queen said...

Well, I suppose it might work for some people... ;)

Actually, I might be getting closer to making that pesto pizza... stay tuned!


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