Sunday, July 24, 2005

My Soup Is Cold!

Actually, gazpacho is supposed to be cold, but it always reminds me of a classic Red Dwarf episode in which someone was amusingly unaware of that fact.

I usually make gazpacho a couple of times a summer since it's so easy to throw together and it makes a good quick lunch. But I hadn't yet gotten around to it, so I intentionally picked up tomatoes and cucumbers at the farmers' market yesterday so that I could make some.

There are many variations of gazpacho out there, but I like mine with a healthy dash of balsamic vinegar, which means I can make regular gazpacho with a Spanish or Mexican edge, or I can add basil and make it a more Italian-tasting soup. (I also just like how the rich flavor of balsamic vinegar gives it a little more depth.)

I also like to puree the vegetables in my gazpacho instead of leaving them in small chunks. Call me quirky (and many people do), but I want my soup to be more like soup than salsa.

A bowl of gazpacho, along with chunks of fresh sourdough bread, made an excellent light lunch today. And as the temperature was starting to rise, I was more than happy to have something easy and light to carry me through the afternoon.

And I have enough left for lunch later this week!


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