Saturday, July 02, 2005

Mission Accomplished

A good friend of mine... let us call her Sojourner, given the number of moves she's made in recent years (most recently away from a city near to me to one two states away... sniffle), among other reasons... has been under the weather lately. And when I say under the weather, I mean way too sick for way too long.

So I called her earlier today to see how she's coming along as the last news I had from her was encouraging. Today she sounded in even better spirits... still weak, but now to the point where she's ready to get going with life again. Cause for celebration, I'd say.

In our discussion, we came around to the topic of food. (And if you've ever talked with me for any amount of time, you know how completely unsurprising that is.) Being a big chocolate fan, she expressed interest in making a chocolate-zucchini cake, though she had been unable to settle on a recipe out of the myriad of options available.

Being the helpful sort of person I hope I always am, I immediately picked up a couple of cookbooks from my shelves and browsed the indexes for possible recipes. At last, I found a recipe in the Chef Mother's cookbook from her teaching days, and I offered to test the recipe and report back to my friend with the results. After all, I had some zucchini from the farmers' market that needed to be used, and well, I did need to bake something for my morning coffee breaks.

The cake turned out incredibly moist, darkly chocolatey, and not terribly sweet. In short, just right. Next time, I would add considerably more cinnamon and vanilla than the recipe requires, but otherwise, it's fine.

So now I need to type up the recipe and send it to Sojourner for her own experimentation.

And then my work here will be done. (Except for the eating.)


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