Monday, July 18, 2005

Market Report

Have you been eagerly anticipating each Saturday's farmers' market as I have, even vicariously?

OK, probably not, but let me tell you... things are getting pretty doggone good down at the market these days as more crops are coming in. So here's a report on what I found on Saturday:

From Organic Farmer #1 (the gentle man with a beard and ponytail): Lots of greens are still coming in, so I picked up my first kale of the season. (Ooooh, yummy kale!) His broccoli is also starting to come in, and as that is probably my favorite vegetable all around, I certainly wasn't going to miss the first of the season.

From Organic Farmer #2 (the chirpy lady with two kids): I decided to go ahead and get two quarts of shelling peas, even though I don't like peas straight, because it finally occurred to me (duh!) that I could just shell, blanch, and freeze the peas and have them on hand this winter for soups and Indian food. (Why didn't I think of that sooner???) Also: cucumber, tender lettuce, and fingerling potatoes.

From Amish Farmer: two perfectly plump Roma tomatoes and a small (think the size and shape of a large mango) eggplant, both of which went into a fantastic crispy chickpea salad with roasted vegs that evening.

I also picked up a loaf of whole wheat bread made with locally grown and milled grains (yeah!) from a terrific little local bakery (not in my town, alas, but only half an hour away). It has a wonderful tang to it that makes you think that maybe someone has slipped in a hint of dark, dark chocolate or coffee... slightly bitter but very appealing.

And of course, I picked up ideas for next week's shopping trip. (I'm feeling an urge to make gazpacho soon... and I may have to blanch and freeze more vegetables.)

To cap off the entire festival of food that is my Saturday morning hike and buy, I stopped by the Hungarian pastry shop for coffee and a slice of apple strudel. What a treat!

Of course, then I had to return home and start cooking. But that's not such a bad thing when you have really good food to work with.

And boy! do I have good food!


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