Monday, July 04, 2005

The Ladies Who Lunch

Sunday morning shone bright and clear, with gentle breezes keeping the air pleasantly cool. A perfect day was on its way.

Around 11 or so, dressed to the nines, I slid into my flashy little rental car and headed to one of the most fabulous food lovers' destinations around: West Point Market. I had plans to enjoy a gourmet lunch there with the fair Titania and her lovely friend the Writer as they passed through the area en route between a friend's wedding and a family gathering in the next state.

And really, there is nothing more uplifting than to share lunch with good friends who have as much appreciation for good food as I do.

Though the Writer opted to order off the menu (a Mediterranean salad chock full of fresh vegetables and feta cheese), the fair Titania and I made our selections from the nearby deli counter, sampling such items as wheatberry salad, a light cole slaw, roasted tomatoes, and a wild mushroom pasta salad. Add a tall glass of a passion fruit iced tea, and we had a refreshing meal for a warm day.

After lunch, we strolled around the entire store, taking at least an hour to cover all the territory as we stopped to sample various cheeses and dips and the like. The fair Titania stocked up on some of her favorite items, while I exercised a considerable amount of restraint and limited my selections to a can of coconut milk, a loaf of farmers' bread, and a small wedge of Midnight Moon goat cheese.

We three spent a great deal of time investigating the possibilities lurking in the bakery's dessert cases and finally decided upon a lone butter apricot bar for me and a luscious-looking chocolate creme for the two of them. After we had finished shopping, we lingered at the outside patio tables to savor our sweets and to continue our ongoing discussion.

I'm happy to report that such an outing was unbelievably relaxing... not only do I enjoy the company of these two lively young ladies, but for once I was able to sit back and enjoy the moment without my mind rushing on to the next thing. I had nowhere else to go, nothing more important to do, than to spend time with friends.

And really, isn't that the point of sharing good food?


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