Friday, July 15, 2005

Full of Beans

The week is winding down, so my vegetable crisper is emptying out rapidly. Last night I decided to use up the last of the green beans from last week's farmers' market visit (saving the zucchini for a quick meal tonight).

Earlier in the week I had trimmed about a quart of those beans, steamed them, and made one of my favorite recipes, Szechuan string beans. The soy-sesame sauce that the steamed beans get tossed into (along with some sauteed garlic and ginger and other good stuff) is so close to the potsticker sauce I sometimes crave that sometimes I'll make this dish just for the sake of the sauce!

Anyway, there I was with a quart full of cooked beans, and, well, I ended up eating the whole lot (and slurping down the last of the sauce, too). Hey, I like vegetables. And sometimes, I really like vegetables.

Last night's foray into bean cooking, though, took a slightly different turn. I had found a delightful-sounding recipe for Green Bean-Basil Soup on another blog, and from the picture alone, I knew I had to try it.

I made a smaller batch, of course, having few beans and only one mouth to fill. It was fairly easy to throw together, despite the hilarious mishaps of my immersion blender and then mini food processor. (Let me just say... it ain't easy being green.)

The bowl of thick puree that I had leftover did, indeed, turn out that beautiful shade of green you see in the photo on the other site... and though I topped mine with a light sprinkling of crumbled feta cheese, I'd still say it turned out as fresh and as lovely as advertised.

It's not going to be my favorite way of eating green beans, I admit. But for a summer night, it was a nice treat.

I have to get out to the garden tonight or tomorrow to pick more ripe green beans.

And then... who knows what will happen next?


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