Thursday, June 23, 2005

You Put WHAT In My Chocolate?

After a half-mile swim over lunch, I knew I would need a supplement to my meager (if wholesome) lunch, so I commissioned Phoenix and Mr. Nice Guy to find me something cold and sweet to drink.

When they returned, they carried something that looked like a thick, creamy mocha slathered in whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce. (Oh darn, right?) But instead, they informed me that upon the recommendation of the waitress, they had instead procured for me a chocolate chai.

Hmmmmmm... says I. Not your normal combination, but hey, I'll try anything once. (Well, almost anything. Don't go getting ideas.)

So I sipped. And the flavor that hit my palate was a rich dark chocolate mingled with cinnamon and other delightful spices, reminiscent of my own wicked brownies. I'm not sure that my rapturous comments could be translated to type, but suffice it to say that my physical reaction piqued the interest of my two chocolate angels, who then each had to sample it in turn.

I had been feeling rather sluggish at the start of the afternoon, not wanting to do any work, but with that cold, sweet, luscious drink to keep me going, I picked up the pace right away and plowed through another project. (Which tells me that I had better not indulge in this treat too often... we're not even halfway through the summer, and I'm two-thirds of the way through my projects. No sense in getting even more bored!)

Chocolate... it IS good for you!


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