Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A Woman Sconed

I've been reading The Baker's Apprentice the past couple of days, and while I haven't been enjoying it quite as much as I enjoyed the first book (Bread Alone), it still makes for a good, light summer read.

And the bonus? Recipes.

That's right, the author graciously includes a handful of recipes for some of the dishes mentioned in the storyline. Now that's my kind of novel.

The recipe I stumbled across night before last was for luscious-sounding cappuccino-hazelnut scones. And as I knew I desperately needed to make something for my morning breaks at work (now that the little coffee house on campus is closed; not that they had much of anything I wanted, but now I have no fallback position except for a 2-mi round-trip walk to My Favorite Coffee House; but I digress), I looked at that recipe very closely.

Flour? Check. Sugar? Check. Butter? Check. And so on, und so weiter, etc. The only thing lacking was cream, so I stopped on the way home from work yesterday to pick up soy milk instead.

Despite the high temperatures outside, my kitchen actually felt reasonably comfortable last evening (80s instead of 90s, I'm sure), so I whipped up the scone dough after dinner.

By now you would think that I had learned always to follow a recipe exactly the first time through, but no... with scones I tend to play a little fast and loose. (And those generally work out well.) So I used a combination of white and wheat flour, a different sugar, soy milk instead of cream, much more cinnamon... and added good vanilla and cappuccino chips to the lot.

And wouldn't you know it? These scones turned out so tender and flavorful that I had to have one for dessert. (And another one for a quality control check before bedtime. You know.) And I brought in more for break time this morning.

So no matter how this book turns out, I'll have at least gotten one good thing from it:

Another excellent recipe.


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