Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Thai This!

Yes, I'm still on the Thai food kick, though I think it is finally passing.

Last evening I threw together a simple meal (with prep work by the lovely Phoenix) of whole wheat spaghetti tossed with an Asian-flavored cilantro-peanut pesto, peanut tofu, steamed green beans, strips of cucumber, and carrot salad, with everyone free to pile on the veggies as they liked. It turned out to be a very filling dish, but thoroughly satisfactory in that the heat of the spices was not unbearable but balanced by the richness of the peanuts. Though I could not finish even one plateful of such wonderful food, everyone else was thrilled to be allowed to go back for seconds. (And thank you all for leaving a little for me for my lunches this week!)

After we allowed the noodles to settle a bit, The Prof helped me prepare a homemade version of Siam sundaes (as we know them from a local Thai restaurant). He helped make the little banana turnovers (slices of banana topped with turbinado sugar in wonton wrappers), then browned them in melted butter until a bit crisp and translucent and slightly carmelized. I pulled out chilled dessert plates, scooped coconut sorbet in the middle, then arranged the banana turnovers around the edge and drizzled milk chocolate sauce (courtesy of Mr. Nice Guy) all over everything. You are, perhaps, salivating at your computer even now, so you will not be surprised when I say that a reverential hush fell over us all as we ate our desserts.

Everyone stayed to help clean up... for which I thank them all! And everyone left with full stomachs and very happy faces.

We'll still visit the Thai restaurant this summer... but I think everyone can hold out a little longer now.


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