Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A Proper Cup of Tea

Let me say here and now that I am smitten (in a completely non-threatening and non-stalking way) with Neil Gaiman, author of such fine literature as American Gods and the Sandman comic series, and his witty, informal, and utterly delightful blog.

And when dear Neil speaks (er, writes), I listen (em, read). (I'm bound to learn something, and I'm likely to be highly entertained.)

So when he expounded on the proper way to make a cup of tea, I knew I needed to share it with my dear friends as well. Hey, he's British, and he would know, right?

He confirms what I learned a couple of years ago from reading The Agony of the Leaves by Helen Gustafson, who used to be the tea lady at Chez Panisse: the boiling water... and it must be a rolling boil... is the key to excellent tea.

So the next time you make a cup of tea... use the good stuff, please, and make sure that water is boiling merrily before you add it to the cup or pot.

And join me in a toast to Neil, would you?


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