Friday, June 24, 2005

Good Spirits

Last weekend, the lovely Phoenix and Mr. Nice Guy brought me two quarts (yes, QUARTS) of fresh organic strawberries from the farmers' market. Unfortunately, I didn't get around to baking with them during the week, so I had plenty of berries to freeze for later use.

I also had plenty of berries to start a batch of strawberry liqueur.

My little book on liqueur-making does not include a recipe for using strawberries, so I sort of followed the one for raspberry liqueur instead, changing the spice added to a couple chunks of candied ginger in each quart jar. Add sugar syrup, vodka, and crushed berries, and let it sit!

I suspect it will be difficult to wait on this particular batch to steep because the brilliant pinkish red color of the liquid is so incredibly tempting... it makes me think of strawberry syrup, and I want to pour it into sodas or over ice cream.

But no, I'll be good. I'll wait for the flavors to mingle properly before bottling this brew.

And then... oh happy day!


At 7/01/2005 7:15 PM, Blogger curious servant said...

I like your blog and have missed it the last few postings. But I just caught up.

I thought I'd say something about strawberries, as there is a terrible strawberry injustice being perpetrated on the American public.

A few years ago the ad savvy growers of California started promoting California strawberries and by golly folks everywhere started buying them. Outside of the northwest no one seemed to recognize that a fraud was being foisted upon folks as there is NO COMPARISON TO OREGON BERRIES!

I challenge anyone to buy some Oregon strawberries and some from anywhere else and do a taste test. Oregon strawberries are juicier, sweeter, and far more flavorful (especially the smaller berries, oh my!).

Unfortunantly the damage is already done. Most Oregon strawberry farmers have switched to other crops, and local news indicates that many more are following suit. The smaller Oregon farms can't comptete with the big boys of the San Joaquin Valley.

I'm not a farmer, or a cook (any longer), or a grocer, or anyone else with a vested interest here. I am simply a concerned berry eater.

At 7/05/2005 7:28 AM, Blogger The Baklava Queen said...

This ties into what I've said elsewhere on this site... buying produce that is locally grown is superior to the produce that is shipped all over creation for a number of reasons, not the least of which is TASTE.

That's why I'm so happy to have a thriving local farmers' market... and I'm making a special effort this year to buy as much produce seasonally and locally as possible. I froze some of these berries so that I can enjoy them later without being tempted by the berries in the supermarket (which don't have nearly as sweet and as powerful a flavor).

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... Eat locally! And encourage others to do the same so that our local farmers know there's a market for their produce!


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