Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Fortune Cookie

The cooking lessons with Phoenix continue apace, and I'm proud to report that she is becoming much more comfortable in the kitchen.

Last night we planned and cooked a well-rounded Chinese meal of spicy Szechuan eggplant (which was neither spicy nor Szechuan since I had no hot bean paste; it was good, but a little bland), Szechuan green beans (one of our favorites), brown rice, tofu vegetable potstickers with ginger-lime dipping sauce, and almond-ginger cookies and pecan pie for dessert.

Though Phoenix was unable to arrive in time for part of the prep (after all, I leave work before she does), she did help to assemble and cook the potstickers, and I left the bulk of the sauteeing to her. Everything cooked up beautifully and in good time, so we were left to lust after the potstickers and sauce for a goodly while before Mr. Nice Guy showed up.

(We're not telling him how many potstickers we made, but suffice it to say that we had to do a thorough quality-control check on the dish, and then a second quality-control check to verify that the success of the first was not a fluke. We take our quality control very seriously.)

Toward the end of a fine dinner, our mutual friend and colleague, Linux Man, showed up on the doorstep, lured there by the promise of homemade pecan pie. We waited for him to fill up on the main course, then all enjoyed dessert together, polishing off the rest of that fabulous pie. Linux Man, also known by his catch phrase of "sell your soul for a cookie?", was further delighted to see the tin of almond-ginger cookies, which he immediately sampled and declared "excellent" while attempting to tuck said tin under his shirt to make a quick getaway. (No, he didn't succeed.)

All in all, another successful dinner party with delightful, laughter-filled conversation and judicious compliments to the chefs. And though the cookies offered contained no fortunes (get yours online instead), I think this randomly selected fortune would fit the evening just fine:

"There's no time like the pleasant."


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