Monday, May 16, 2005

Why I Like My Favorite Coffee House

I mention My Favorite Coffee House a lot here, for a number of reasons. I spend a good deal of time there as a way of getting out of the daily routine, relaxing, and catching up on my writing. The atmosphere... a cross between an old bar and a cozy living room or den... has great appeal. And the people who work there clearly love being there and interacting with the customers, making the whole place rock with their energetic and fun vibe.

I came across this excellent explanation of What Makes for a Great Barista? on Superbarista's blog (by way of a library blog, go figure), and while I would only call a couple of the folks at My Favorite Coffee House truly great baristas, they're all working pretty hard to get to that level.

So here's a little salute to some of my favorite baristas:

--a tip of the cappuccino to Miss Sunshine
--a fresh, flaky croissant to The Baker
--a cup of strong Ethiopian coffee to The Bean Guy
--a turtle mocha for my sweet Green Man
--and of course, a chai charger to My Favorite Barista

You folks make my day(s)!


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