Monday, May 09, 2005

Well-Laid Plans

Nope, still haven't been cooking much (aside from the broccoli pizza made last night for lunches this week)... I've been having too much fun outside.

Friday evening, I took advantage of the sunny warmth lingering after dinner to head out to the garden with my cultivator and to scrape the garden soil into five rows of piled-up dirt. After a bit of a breather, I went back out to plant the remaining seeds for this year's veggie patch:

Row 1 contains the raspberry canes planted the week before, the Moroccan mint planted two years ago, and some additional cilantro and calendula seeds (as well as the returning borage)

Row 2 contains bush snap beans and a mound of Asian cucumber seeds

Row 3 contains mounds of seeds for both the Asian cucumbers and some pickling cucumbers, as well as plenty of dill seed scattered in between

Row 4 has stakes marking where my heirloom tomatoes will go, and in between those I have planted seeds for carrots, parsnips, basil, and parsley

Row 5 has mounds of seeds for butternut squash and zucchini, with more parsley scattered in between (though I'd like to put nasturtiums in, too)

Are you are winded as I am from all that? But I'm very excited about all this future bounty as I hope to can and freeze beans, make plenty of hot dill pickles (family recipe, beloved by many), can tomatoes, make several herbed vinegars, and dry herbs for later use.

I haven't had a garden this full in five years... which is when I last pulled my back badly. But I have help this year, as the lovely Phoenix will be around all summer, willing and eager to help out with everything from weeding and harvesting to canning and preserving. (And I am deeply grateful for her help!)

So now I can sprawl out in the backyard on a sunny day (like yesterday), mint iced tea in hand, and survey the growing vegetables with relief and pleasure, knowing that I have a brief respite before the hard work starts in earnest.

Care to join me?


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