Sunday, May 29, 2005

One Night in Bangkok

The weather this weekend turned out remarkably sunny and warm, a nice change of pace from recent rainy days. And since I had planned to do some good cooking over the holiday weekend anyway, I pulled out my recipe for Bangkok noodles since Thai food always appeals to me as a good warm-weather cuisine.

Though I don't think I've seen this particular dish on menus at Thai restaurants, I think it does combine some of the best flavors of Thai cooking: a sauce of coconut milk (thinned with vegetable broth), curry powder, hot chili powder, soy sauce, and scallions (in this case, garlic chives from my garden). Add to that some sauteed garlic and ginger, cubes of tofu, and chopped spinach, and I'm quite happy. And though I had no more rice noodles in the cupboard, I discovered that whole wheat spaghetti worked just fine. (Mr. Clean, if you're reading this, consider it the green light to use soba noodles instead.)

When I made this dish for the Dinner Club last summer, I had some hot sesame peanuts to toss atop the noodles, and I admit I missed that extra crunch this time around, though not enough to stop me from slurping down the entire bowlful. (I consider it a minor miracle that although drops of that golden sauce dotted my chin, none besmeared my white shirt. Astonishing!)

All in all, I think it's fair to say that this dish has triggered my craving for Thai food, so I will need to make carrot salad and possibly pad thai in the near future. I also have a recipe for the pastry-wrapped fried bananas that go so well with coconut sorbet and chocolate sauce, and I do think a taste testing is in order this summer.

Or maybe I'll just organize another outing to my favorite Thai restaurant.


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